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US TANK Salem, Oregon
Owner: Campbell Signs


Oregon street legal to drive

Chassis: 1974 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Engine: 472 cubic inch/300 h.p.

Automatic transmission, air conditioning,
cruise, tilt, power windows, power brakes,
power steering, 6 way power seats, climate
control, rear defogger, stereo, air shocks

Paint:  Original Olive Drab Green
            Repainted Camo April, 2000
            Repainted Desert Sand 2002

Length: 21 feet Width: 8 feet-4 inches
Height:7 feet-10 inches Weight: 6,340 lbs.

Three entrances: front seat (machine gun
cupola), back seat (loaders door) drivers
seat, emergency window exit ramp

1/4 mile: 76 mph est.(0 to 60 mph-22 sec.)
Top Speed (over  100 mph est.)

Features: custom made track, running wheels, 90mm gun turret,360 degree machine gun cupola, headlight and rear light assemblies, diesel exhaust ports, filters and pre-heater, sponson tool boxes, GI cans, dual pop-up rearview mirrors w/remote, rear storage bustle rack, track lift, monkey sight, vision louvers, hideaway back rumble seat, 3-200 watt speakers with 4 exterior tweeters

Materials used: Ext. MDO plywood, PVC plastic, HD foam, plexiglass, aluminum, mild steel, angle iron, fiberglass

Approximately 4 months to build, completed
April, 1998

Appeared on ABC news affiliates nationwide
April 28, 1998, and AP Wirephoto worldwide

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